Do you want to facilitate kick ass brainstorming sessions? Do you want more & better ideas in less time? Do you want a proven process to drive creativity & innovation?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, book an in-company training for you and your team and become a certified facilitator in only 2 days.

BrainBricks certified facilitator training

In this intense 2-day training you will learn all of the skills you need to get the most out of any team in any situation. As a certified BrainBricks facilitator, you become a member of the best creative facilitators of the world. Continuous updates on new exercises and sharing best practices with other BrainBricks facilitators makes this a great professional experience for years to come.

You can book your 2-day training in Amsterdam or at your own facilities. Contact us via e-mail to learn more about our in-company training programs.

Some reactions of participants of previous trainings:

  • "A complete, valuable and inspiring training."

  • "I'm inspired to use this in my organisation and finally have the tools to facilitate the creative process."

  • "Just do it!"

Learn how to become a brilliant facilitator

  • Facilitator tips & tricks
  • Brainstorming rules
  • Workshop programme 1/2-day or 1-day

Using BrainBricks to kick-start the brain

  • Get acquainted
  • Story building
  • Sharing expectations
  • Linking associations

Using BrainBricks to  explore the challenge

  • Setting goals
  • Problem analysis
  • Culture & behaviour
  • Team roles

Using BrainBricks to  generate great ideas

  • Idea swirl
  • Idea selection matrix
  • Cluster ideas
  • Brand spark