Facilitate creative sessions and help with exercises for different phases of your creative workshop!



Ever noticed that you are stuck on a problem or stuck on familiar paths? Brainbricks will untangle your brain and direct you in novel directions.



BrainBricks will stimulate your creativity, by using images that trigger your brain.



Next to that it is a fun tool to use for everyone, as you can give your own interpretation to a BrainBrick, making it a personal story.

Kickstart Your Ideas

Random BrainBricks give you an inspiring start for your creativity. Idea generation is easier when there is a start. The associations you and your team generate based upon the pictures of the BrainBricks are ideal starts for solving your problems. The pictures are specifically chosen to be as inspiring as possible.

Improve Your Groupwork

New idea generation and creativity are always difficult in groups. It is difficult to imagine and understand each other’s ideas. BrainBricks will spice up the boring meetings, because the attention of the group is constantly on the BrainBricks and how they inspire the team. In this way you can involve each other in new ideas in an inspiring way.


Generate Great Ideas

But most of all, BrainBricks are the best tool available to help your team to come up with a large number of brilliant ideas in a short amount of time. 
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